Foris Index S.r.l. specialises in the production of doors for cold storage rooms and over time it became a leading company in the cold preservation market.

A well-established company that has been operating on the market since 1964, it makes products that aim to meet needs ranging from large industrial warehouses to small entrepreneurs that operate in the agrarian, fruit and vegetable and meat sector.

Cutting-edge technologies, experience on the field and extensive know-how combined with constant innovation in terms of design and a wide range of doors for cold-storage rooms to choose from allow Foris Index to offer its customers effective, efficient and custom-made solutions.

High-tech manufacturing techniques ensure high thermal separation thanks to the various types of insulating materials used (polyurethane, mineral fibre, plastic, rubber) and the various thicknesses of the insulating material.
Foris Index S.r.l. employs a "continuous" manufacturing system, which allows for an effective and rational management of job orders.

Foris Index ensures a qualified technical and sales support and is ready to consider any kind of need, with the aim of improving its products and meeting its customers' requirements.

This is all carried out in an area ranging across 11000sq m, 7500sq m of which are covered. This large expansion was reached over the years thanks to the growth of the Foris Index brand from a manufacturing and quality point of view.

Foris Index S.r.l. installed a photovoltaic system on its roof.
This was developed by applying 380 panels across 650 sq m that generate an output of 83 kWp. They reduce emissions and support the production of clean energy.

Managing director: Renato Berardi
Administrative manager: Nadia Berardi – Giorgio Berardi
Commercial manager: Umberto Cremonini
Purchase manager: Mauro Bertuzzi
Technical manager: Franco Saviotti – Stefano Berardi – Gennaro Crispino
Transport manager: Cesare Tesei