The automatic Foris Index products are CE certified following approval by authorised bodies. In brief, the machinery directive requests that all automatic products comply with set safety standards.

We will now list the main concepts in reference to these standards:

  • Movement speed can differ during opening and closure. With regard to opening, the speed can be greater only if movement does NOT present any hazards. Basically, the space used to open the door must not restrict movement or cause harm to the operator.
    The movement speed during closure must instead comply with set values based on the mass and speed itself. This means that during the closure phase if the door is subject to restricted movement, signifying there is an obstacle in the movement area, the door must stop without causing harm to the operator or objects. Therefore, it is easy to realise that a knock caused by a small sized door, that is with a reduced mass, is less vigorous than one caused by a large sized door, of greater mass, pushed by the same speed.
  • Safety.All the doors supplied are fitted with devices requested by certification, but often Foris Index provides further safety features, such as the device on motor absorption, which activates when motor absorption reaches well-defined values. This absorption can also be customised from the command panel. As well as the above, further safety features are also available and should be requested as optional, for example photocells, radar, etc.
  • The certification provided by Foris Index is of a “B” type, meaning the manufacturer provides certification on the correct construction of the machine. “A” type certification is issued only after the correct assembly of the machine and must be issued by the assembler. Basically, the machine is certified, but the manufacturer is NOT responsible for its correct assembly, since this type of certification is issued by the assembler.

Our website contains some of our product certificates chThese certificates can be issued on request to the client, however we should highlight these certificates must be accompanied by another certificate stating the registration number of the machine and the details of its reference order.