Guillotine doors are designed for use in large cold store rooms, storage, refrigeration and distribution and conceived for to separate different environments in every occasion, allowing to keep a constant temperature, close and insulate refrigeration rooms, reducing energy consumption and protecting environments from dust and exhaust gas.

This doors have been made to allow the door panel to open vertically whenever space for lateral sliding is not enough.
Are provide for the construction of door panel structure In stainless steel upon stainless steel counterframe application.
The insulation is made up injected polyurethane inside the door panel.
Vertical opening systems, application temperatures, the choice of materials and accessories, allowing to adapt the product to customer request.
Great attention was paid to safety, with the inclusion of light curtains, to the choice of materials, as well as to aesthetics, cleanliness and ease of installation.

Vertical Sliding Industrial doors can be automate trough a geared motor and a steel chain allows the transmission.
The door slides on a high-resistance galvanized steel guide, by stainless steel support with PVC pulleys with internal bearings.
The gasket sealing action is allowed by inclined planes, and all-direction adjustment.
Counterweight use, allows for manual and automatic opening since most of the weight of the door panel rests on the counterweight.